What insights can business intelligence software give you?

If 2020 is the year that you want to do more with your enterprise then business intelligence software could help you to create the advantage that you need. These data analytics tools can help to turn your business data into actionable insights into KPIs and create a way to get a better perspective on your organisation and where it’s going. These are just some of the benefits business intelligence software can provide.

Data in visual form

All too often, operational reports are difficult to read and absorb and, as a result, it can be challenging to use the information that’s in them productively. Business intelligence software has a number of tools that can be used to transform data into a more visual form to make it much easier to understand and use. Infographics, charts and graphs, for example, can make far more impact than spreadsheets and can provide insights into any area of the business in a way that is much simpler to grasp.

Guarding against fraud and improving risk management

Using business intelligence software enables your business to track and monitor data behaviour. This can be invaluable when it comes to identifying fraudulent behaviours that could threaten your business. This software also provides essential information for risk assessment, whether that’s based on business performance or customer behaviours.

Better handling of performance goals

Business intelligence software can enable you to create specific performance goals, from sales to delivery times, and provides an easy way to track and manage these. Relevant data is organised in real time so that it’s possible to stay on top of performance goals and to make daily changes to ensure that objectives are met.

Insight into sales opportunities

Business intelligence software is designed to make it easier to identify opportunities that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. Not only will this tool help to highlight where opportunities are being missed but it will also provide the data to ensure that you can capitalise on them.

Identifying opportunities for efficiency

In particular, the insights from business intelligence software offer a unique opportunity to identify where the business is currently wasting resources and making time for anything that doesn’t add value to the business. Trimming this waste, for example, can help to reprioritise staff so that they are adding the most possible value in the right places and may also help to save time and minimise human error.

Gaining a competitive edge

The use of business intelligence software provides access to insights that inform better and more effective decision making, something that is crucial to improving competitive edge.

Inventory insights

On a practical level, business intelligence software is a huge advantage when it comes to creating more in-depth oversight into the way stock is handled. Inventory tracking can be used to identify patterns to optimise systems and reduce waste and reporting helps to ensure that stock purchasing is being done at the right time and in the right volume.

Business intelligence software can create a wealth of insights that could be transformative for your business this year.

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