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Use Your Business Intelligence To Use Your Data Effectively

The combination of high quality data translated into actionable business intelligence can be transformative for any organisation. However, as the volume of data being generated increases it’s becoming more and more difficult to organise and act on it in a meaningful way. There are many products available today that will help to make sense of individual pockets of information but what’s really required to use data effectively is a business intelligence infrastructure that delivers insights that the business can actually use to generate positive change.

Collecting and harnessing data

When data is comprehensive and used effectively it can be an incredibly powerful way to improve and evolve in a business context. However, this depends on getting a complete picture from the data that you’re using and also ensuring that the data you have is coherent. Often, this means finding ways to pull all available data into one single location where it can be processed and analysed to create a complete whole. Today, the cloud is the most effective forum for this.

Scalable business intelligence infrastructure

There are a number of issues with relying on individual products when trying to use data effectively within a business. These may arise from products that quickly become out of date or which are limited to using data for one specific purpose, such as increasing sales. Creating a scalable business intelligence infrastructure that doesn’t rely on individual products – and which is up to date in real time – will generate genuinely useful insights that come from across the enterprise. Data can be input from the breadth of an organisation and insights shared broadly too. The end result is that data can be applied to specific needs and issues within the business to find solutions that are bespoke to its individual requirements.

Connecting the dots

Effectively, a robust business intelligence infrastructure must be able to connect up all the various sources and products that the business is using and transform these into something meaningful. That might be making employees’ roles easier or improving the service that customers receive – there are a range of potentially positive outcomes that can result from a system that provides a central environment in which data can be effectively harvested and used. Today, the best place to do this is in the cloud – there are a range of different cloud technologies that can do all of the work when it comes to pulling together existing systems and products to create a cohesive whole.

What does the data mean?

Successfully working with data today requires being able to understand the message in it, in terms of what it’s saying about the business and the direction that the business needs to take in order to be more successful and to nurture growth. Investing in the right business intelligence tools can be truly transformative in this respect, as it will open the door to critical insights that really deliver.

Business intelligence is the key to using your data more effectively to improve both competitiveness and results.

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