Worldwide Fruit

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Project Description


Hotels’ Workflow Woes Before Automation

  • The Finance team at Worldwide Fruit had to work with enormous spreadsheets, each ranging from 300-400MB. These large files resulted from the extensive number of product lines, packing locations, and customers, making them very unstable when opened.
  • Their existing setup was not robust enough, highlighting the need for a centralised forecasting system that provided consistency for all users.


Worldwide Fruit Revolutionises Forecasting with New Centralised System, Enhancing Efficiency and Accuracy Across Operations

  • With the new system, they can load actual data from previous years and use the splashing tool to lift last year’s actuals into the current year’s forecast without product mix-ups.
  • They can also incorporate live data alongside forecasting to track accuracy, anticipate growth or setbacks, and conduct variance analysis. This saves significant time previously spent on manual budget processes involving account managers, procurement, and finance teams.
  • Worldwide Fruit benefits from this flexible system, adapting to rapid changes and enabling detailed analysis of SKUs and pack formats by customer. It ensures consistency between long-term and short-term forecasts, particularly for labor hours, optimising the ratio of full-time and agency workers on the packing line. The solution provides daily short-term sales forecasts for account managers and accessible turnover and volume data for all packing locations, including third-party ones. Accurate forecasts for fruit ripening ensure customer orders are fulfilled without excess waste.