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Project Description

Viewpoint Housing Association

About the company

Viewpoint Housing Association is an established provider of housing with care and community services in the Lothian and Fife Scotland.

Established in 1947, their primary objective is to improve the quality of life and well-being of tenants and care home residents through promoting independence, enabling choice and offering peace of mind in a safe and supported environment.

Viewpoint has a diverse portfolio of properties and offers a wide range of services. With over 1200 properties dedicated to providing sheltered and extra sheltered living for people over the age of 60, and a further 200 mainstream properties for people over the age of 18.


  • Data was loaded from their accounting system and is reformatted, adjusted reanalysed and represented in different Spreadsheets. This was such a time consuming process that it was only completed quarterly.
  • With over 350 staff keeping track of the costs by location on a weekly or monthly basis it was impossible without a system to capture the data on a periodic basis.
  • The Trust managed the income and costs of their properties using a Spreadsheet model which did not allow for any time based analysis and did not deliver any flexibility without major effort in restructuring or rewriting

The Result

  • By the end of the first day, a year’s worth of data from Sage Line 100 was loaded into Infor PM10 and they were able to create a time-based analysis for the first time.
  • Set up a process to download and analyse payroll by home and department on a weekly basis. They also loaded a year’s data from our spreadsheet-based rental ledger by every detail.
  • They hadn’t collected data by Authority before, and just by applying an additional level of consolidation to the data, they could have the analysis at a level which was crucial for meeting the differing reporting requirements of surrounding Local Authorities.
  • Control over data from separate sources and to be able to analyse it at speed. So they can now report to levels which are just not possible from large spreadsheet models.
  • Set up the software on Network so a number of people can work together.

Project Details




Infor PM10


Management Reporting, Payroll Analysis and Rental Ledger



“We quickly saw how we could analyse any element of cost by time for the whole organisation or right down to an individual flat no.”

Henry Mackintosh
Financial Controller

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