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South Hereford Garages

About the company

Established in 1973, South Hereford Garages in one of the UK’s leading Volkswagen retailers.

They are committed to continued success due to a consistent investment in people, training and equipment. Every department, from new and used car sales to service, parts and body repairs, is committed to ensuring their customers always receive the best possible service.

Their status as one of the few independent luxury car retailers enables them to offer customers an exclusive portfolio of additional services tailored to meet their individual requirements.


  • The Finance Director’s used to prepare their monthly management reports and budgets, but the structure of their spreadsheet’s, which needed to accommodate the needs of conventional accounts, had no reporting, model and departmental analysis.   Completing the manufacturer’s composite reporting was always challenging and involved a lot of spreadsheet linking and often rekeying of data to deliver both levels from the same data.
  • At South Hereford data was loaded from their Kalamazoo DMS into a TB and then via various data mappings, a set of Management Reports is produced. Their main need was to be able to integrate the budget and the actual numbers so that they could slice and dice the data and they needed to produce a consolidated P&L across departments as well as combining their two dealerships which are spread across several locations. They also produce a weekly sales forecast which was “a pain” to maintain.

The Result

  • Jedox is a multi-dimensional database which allows the modelling of the business in “cube” structures. A separate cube was set up for each department so that it is easy for South Hereford to maintain the account structures at this level. Data is downloaded from Kalamazoo and each department’s cube is automatically updated from its own section of the P&L, which is then automatically aggregated in a consolidated P&L cube.
  • Weekly forecasts are now done in spreadsheets and the results uploaded into Jedox to produce the reports. The template approach reduces the number of spreadsheets that need to be managed. Every cost centre of the business can be viewed using a single template

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Jedox Premium


Budgeting, Forecasting and Reporting



“We’re very pleased with the Jedox product and will have no hesitation in recommending it”

Ian Phillips
Financial Director

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