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Project Description

Jupiter Hotels (Mercure)

About the company

Jupiter Hotels may be a name that is new to you, but the experience and expertise of the management and staff of Jupiter Hotels are anything but new. Jupiter Hotels currently operate 26 Mercure brand- ed hotels in the UK under a franchise agreement with Accor.

Mercure hotels offer great value and the attention to detail you demand from 3 or 4 star hotels.

Additionally, they manage 5 properties which are branded Choice Hotels, of which four are 3 star and one is a 4 star Clarion Collection property and 1 in- dependent hotel. Taking their collection of owned and managed properties from 26, up to 32 across the UK.


  • Had to manually consolidate each stage and the reports, when a budget was coming in there were obviously errors in the spreadsheets and so on
  • When there is an error in the spreadsheet that had gone out to the hotels they had to correct it 26 times
  • They could not actually see what each hotel was doing until the end of the process, as far as they were concerned, so they didn’t know how far they’ve gone into the process.

The Result

  • Ability to see the consolidations on screen, how these results are going to shape up before they are finalised, therefore giving an early indication of how the business is doing and providing the ability to scope other projects.
  • Shareholders can have access to Infor BI so they have the same information.
  • A structured report that is easily understood by the user, offering the ease of getting the data in one format and is all web-based.
  • Made forecasting quicker and linked into Green (their accounting application) and Opera (front office system) which was a huge plus point for them.

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Infor BI


Budgeting & Planning and Forecasting



“I can see how these results are going to shape up before they are finalised, giving me the ability to scope other projects.”

Manish Chauhan
Head of Finance

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