Jupiter Hotels (Mercure)

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Project Description


Hotels’ Workflow Woes Before Automation

  • Before adopting INFOR EPM, the hotel faced significant challenges in managing their processes.
  • The company had to manually consolidate each stage and the reports, which was time-consuming and error-prone.
  • When budgets were submitted, errors frequently occurred in the spreadsheets.
  • If an error appeared in the spreadsheet sent to the hotels, it had to be corrected 26 times, creating substantial inefficiencies.
  • Additionally, the company couldn’t track what each hotel was doing throughout the process. As a result, they were unaware of the progress each hotel had made until the very end, leading to delays and a lack of transparency in the overall workflow.


Enhanced Visibility and Integration: Key Benefits for Business and Shareholders

  • The ability to view consolidations on screen allows for early insights into business performance and the potential to scope other projects before finalisation.
  • Shareholders can access the same information through Infor BI, ensuring everyone is on the same page. The system provides structured, user-friendly reports, presenting data in a consistent web-based format. This setup has significantly sped up forecasting and seamlessly integrated with Green (their accounting application) and Opera (their front office system), which has been a major advantage.