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Project Description


Time-consuming and inaccurate reporting that was not user-friendly

  • Harbour Hotels’ reliance on spreadsheets for reporting and planning proved to be highly inefficient, requiring extensive manual effort to assimilate and manipulate vast datasets.
  • This labor-intensive approach not only consumed significant time but also introduced a high potential for errors, undermining the integrity of financial reports.
  • With file-based reporting and planning at the core of their operations, the team frequently grappled with version control issues, complicating the process further and leading to discrepancies that raised doubts about data accuracy.
  • The setup was not user-friendly, and the excessive amount of time required to manage and reconcile different versions of reports severely restricted their capacity to thoroughly review and analyze data. This hindered their ability to make well-informed decisions, affecting the overall agility and competitive edge of the company.


Automating mundane tasks and creating a single source of truth

  • Jedox has proven versatile and effective, enhancing reporting, planning, and forecasting processes. It’s used across various business sectors to gather data directly from the source, aiding in producing monthly management accounts and daily sales flash reports.
  • The transition from on-premises to cloud-based Sage 200 systems was smooth due to Jedox’s extensive compatibility features.
  • Jedox’s automation has been beneficial, reducing tasks from three hours daily to automation, with reports reliably delivered at 7:30am via email.
  • Today, Jedox is used by finance and hotel managers for data collection and reporting, broadening the planning process while maintaining strict data control.
  • Jedox maintains a single source of truth, giving departments access to consistent data tailored to their needs, ensuring everyone is informed and aligned.
  • This represents a shift from previous fragmented and labor-intensive data management and reporting practices.


More time and better information for informed decision-making

  • Implementing Jedox has notably enhanced daily business operations and teamwork by transforming the time previously spent by the team on routine tasks into valuable contributions towards the company’s success.
  • It has fostered an environment that encourages generating questions and collaboration. Users, including the general managers, have praised Jedox for its user-friendliness and the improved accessibility and visibility of information. With Jedox, tasks that were once impossible, such as sophisticated data analysis, are now feasible, enabling employees to engage in more strategic thinking.
  • The benefits of Jedox can also be measured in terms of job satisfaction, with employees finding their roles more rewarding and enjoyable, as it eliminates mundane aspects of their work and allows them to focus on driving the business forward.
    Jedox’s implementation has
     benefited the operational side of the business, providing a web-based, user-friendly interface that empowers employees to create customized views relevant to their needs within a controlled environment.