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Project Description

David Mclean

About the company

The David Mclean Group is the biggest privately owned construction, civil engineering commercial development and housing group in the country.

It specialises in building individually designed homes to suit aspirations and tastes of a wide range of customers in the North West, South West and Wales.


  • The David Mclean Group (DMG) had developed a series of complex spreadsheet models to produce their management accounts and annual budgets the models had a number of problems in them which were overcome by rekeying of data or entering a correcting number when a formula became circular adding new projects required a lot of work and as the model grows it becomes difficult to maintain.
  • The model had a significant difficulty in calculating monthly profit, which is based on a revisable profit percentage and needed to be adjusted retrospectively. Payroll numbers are calculated off-line and the results were summarised and keyed into the spreadsheets.

The Result

  • The model which has been produced enabled Actual, Forecast and Budget to be produced from the same input.  It has significantly reduced the number of spreadsheets required to produce the internal management reports.
  • A small number of linked cubes (like linked spreadsheets) enables the users of the model to focus on a particular area confident in the knowledge that all of the results will flow through correctly to the P&L.
  • Information, both numerical and text is captured for each individual project through an excel template and the results are collected in a Plot Management Cube. Rules then calculate each month’s revenue.

Project Details




Infor PM10


Reporting, Forecasting and Budgeting



“Infor PM10 has had a significant impact on the way in which we prepare and deliver our management information.  It gives us the confidence that the complexity of our construction requirements is being correctly reported…”

Andrew Budden

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