Project Description


Time-Consuming and Complex Spreadsheet Management Hindering Efficient Reporting at Covers

  • As with any spreadsheet environment, adding new elements to the workbook took a long time, and additional analysis beyond the standard workbooks was minimal, requiring rekeying and copying data.
  • Covers needed an improved management reporting and consolidated accounts process to reduce time from data loading and simplify management.
  • Covers faced challenges with numerous linked spreadsheets, some loaded from the general ledger and some updated manually. Different group activities made consolidated accounts particularly difficult.
  • Detailed sales reports required significant maintenance, with weekly sales and profitability reports produced for each branch, covering three main product areas and over six cost centres. The budget process also relied on spreadsheets, demanding considerable effort annually.


Efficient Data Management and Reporting with Jedox: Streamlined Consolidation and Detailed Analysis

  • The Jedox solution allows for manual data entry and its multi-cube architecture supports the needs of the different company structures.
  • The cube structure means that the detailed product structure can be delivered and easily maintained.
  • Reporting structure data can be analysed from a total level through product group and down to the lowest product level.
  • The consolidation for the group now takes under an hour and provides consolidated cash flows, balance sheets and profit and loss.
  • All inter-company balances can be reviewed centrally on a single report and are simply reconciled.