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Project Description

Bourne Leisure

About the company

Bou rne Leisure Holdings Ltd was incorporated in 2000 and is based in Hemel Hempstead, United K ingdom.
It’s a British private company which owns a number of subsidiary undertakings operating in the leisure and holiday sectors in the United Kingdom The main trading companies in the Bourne Leisure group in the UK are;

  • Haven Leisure Ltd which operates 35 family oriented caravan holiday parks
  • Butlins Skyline Ltd which operates the three Butlins holiday parks at the English coastal resorts
  • Bourne Holidays Ltd which operates 13 hotels across the UK under the brand name Warner Leisure Hotels.

In 2009, Bourne Leisure was awarded 2nd place in the ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ list, generated in the UK by The Sunday Times newspaper.


  • Bourne Leisure had a high number of users; 280 using the budget system, so it could not cope. Accounts had many dimensions and too many rules, around 13.8 billion across and vastly populated which ground to a halt for just one 1 brand. It also had multiple elements to consider such as retail, sales, sites.
  • The system prior took 3 hours to change and overnight to update a simple task.
    User experience was poor and needed a solution that was in the 21st Century which was able to cope with the organisations complexities.
  • Consolidation was an overnight job just to find out what the outcome was for each site in each town.

The Result

  • Forecasting used to take 3 weeks given the tools. Now they can monitor on a weekly basis and manage performance for current year versus actuals.
  • Bourne Leisure can now update actuals in 5 to 10 minutes and see the impact immediately.
  • With the new agile Budgeting process, they can now spot errors and are able to change in minutes or hours instead of days.
  • Team is now able to challenge numbers instead of spending time consolidating.
  • End user experience is vastly improved making the process a lot easier and manageable.

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“CFMS are subject experts and have a big friendly team that are always on the end of the phone. They have even helped us at weekends when we were close to going live.”

Tim Ware

Central Finance Project Manager, Bourne Lesuire

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