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Project Description


Bourne Leisure Modernises Budget System to Manage Complex Accounts and Boost User Experience

  • Bourne Leisure faced significant challenges with their budget system due to a high number of users—280 in total—causing the system to struggle. The accounts were complex, featuring numerous dimensions and an excessive number of rules, around 13.8 billion, which caused the system to halt for even a single brand. Additionally, the system had to manage multiple elements, including retail, sales, and various sites.Previously, making changes to the system took three hours, with overnight processing required for even simple tasks. This resulted in a poor user experience and highlighted the need for a modern solution capable of handling the organisation’s complexities. Consolidation was also an overnight process, merely to determine the outcome for each site in every town.


Bourne Leisure Revolutionises Forecasting and Budgeting with Agile Processes and Real-Time Updates

  • Forecasting at Bourne Leisure used to take three weeks with the previous tools. Now, they can monitor performance on a weekly basis and manage the current year’s performance against actuals. Updating actuals now takes just 5 to 10 minutes, allowing immediate visibility of the impact.
  • With the new agile budgeting process, errors can be spotted and corrected in minutes or hours instead of days. The team can now focus on challenging the numbers rather than spending time on consolidation. The end-user experience has vastly improved, making the process much easier and more manageable.