Apex Hotels

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Project Description


Challenges in Financial Management and Reporting Across Autonomous Hotel Sites

  • The hotels operate autonomously from a finance perspective which means with multiple sites, and input required from a number of individuals across those multiple sites.
  • Users manually adjusting/overwriting formulas in spreadsheets (control issues)
  • Consolidation took a large amount of time to complete
  • Reports had to be individually maintained for each cost centre, which was very time-consuming.
  • Room revenue reporting and analysis took the revenue team a huge amount of time – to complete in excel.


Automating mundane tasks and creating a single source of truth

  • Apex Hotels has seen the speed of their data analysis, consolidation and other reporting significantly improved. Spreadsheets no longer need to be distributed to each site for completion. The information could be populated directly into Jedox by way of custom designed forms published through an internet browser.
  • The multiple site issue is also overcome with this approach as all data is populated into one central database, making data more accessible across the business.
  • A high-level view with the opportunity to drill down into the detail allows for more efficient use of time. Exception reporting is much easier and can be automated, which allows a more focused review.