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Allport Cargo Services

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Founded in 1963 Allport Cargo Services operates in 30 countries, with representation in another 100: Your local forwarder worldwide.

Our network extends to 450 offices, with more than 21,000 colleagues and a worldwide turnover exceeding £600 million.
Headquartered in Cowley, Middlesex, our 800 UK based colleagues operate out of 20 hi-tech logistics hubs, freight centres and packaging factories: Picking, packing and transporting cargo globally every day for customers across a range of sectors.


  • The Management of so many input sheets has led to the model becoming too large for more than a single consolidation; change once the spreadsheets have been issued becomes impossible and analysis within the model is only achievable by cutting and pasting.
  • Allport’s business is divided into over 300 cost centres, split over 6 divisions. Each cost centre has a spreadsheet and there lies the problem.
  • Infor BI was used to support a user community of around 10 – 15 users most of whom connected using CITREX server.
  • Allport wanted to introduce a process for making their forecasting process easier.

The Result

  • The model has been successful and allows any change to be reflected in the consolidated numbers within seconds.
  • The interfaces from the payroll and the fixed asset systems reduced rekeying of data to a minimum and the end users were comfortable with their spreadsheets front-end.
  • Glen Nichol concludes that Infor BI has saved considerable time in the delivery of the base information to the end users and the building of the budget.
  • Budget changes were very easy and now we are looking forward to integrating the actuals and the forecast into the system

Project Details




Infor PM10


Budgeting (Overheads, Payroll, Fixed assets, Sales and P&L)



“Infor BI has saved considerable time in the delivery of business-critical information to end users all across the business.”

Glen Nichol
Finance Director

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