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Alliance Trust

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Project Description

Alliance Trust

About the company

Alliance Trust PLC, is one of the largest generalist investment trusts by market value listed on the London Stock Exchange. Focussed on investment in global equities and fixed income, they have one of the longest track records of consistent dividend growth of any listed UK company.

With headquarters in Dundee, Alliance Trust PLC has been investing since 1888 and is one of the largest generalist UK investment trusts by market value listed on the London Stock Exchange. As at 30 June 2013 they had net assets of nearly £2.8bn.


  • Had to deal with large volumes of excel sheets for every department and every business in the company, with multiple linking to multiple sheets/workbooks and versions, resulting in long lead time to answer, without having the opportunity for scenario planning and flexibility when it comes to changing variables.
  • The toolset that they were using not only was inflexible but also it proved to have many inconsistencies in the design through adapting excel to meet the requirements at that point in time.
  • Part of their wider value-add business partnering finance department strategy was to create models for budgeting/forecasting and planning without being reliant on Microsoft Excel.
  • Had the need to reduce time spent on creation/linking and increase time spent on value-add activities surrounding the processes and to create an environment where both finance and non-finance users are empowered.

The Result

  • Jedox could provide them with a flexible toolset which would be suited to delivering the same business logic as their current spreadsheets but without breaks in the process.
  • The design of their spreadsheet structure is now consistent, making the scenario planning easy and straightforward to run by both finance and non-finance users
  • Accessible to all users so that they see only the information relevant to their needs.
  • Jedox gave Alliance Trust the ability to structure data and hold it in a database, the ability to place sets of data side by side under different scenarios, fast deployment time, straightforward to-build models using rule editor, business-led and adaptable to changing environments, import and export of data through the ETL tool, resource time saved in all areas.

Project Details




Jedox Commercial Suite


Budgeting, Forecasting and Reporting



“Jedox gave us the ability to structure data and place sets of data side by side which was adaptable to changing environments.”

Stuart Wray
Management Accountant

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