Easy-to-use Business Intelligence and dashboard reporting software.

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Panintelligence BI Software

Pi is our easy-to-use business intelligence and dashboard reporting software. It is a single reporting tool which can show data from multiple sources in one place.

Initially developed for the UK finance sector, our reporting dashboard is highly secure and GDPR ready.

Our BI dashboard makes it easy for anyone to visualise and interact with their data in real time, anywhere, on any device.

All your data in one place

Enable better decisions with Pi

Award-winning BI dashboards

Self-service Business Intelligence

Business intelligence and analytics software is transforming how organisations use and analyse the data that they collect and use data to add value.

Panintelligence allows you to connect up data from multiple sources and make data highly visual so that it is easy to understand. Self-service dashboards provide users with the ability to access real-time data instantly and see data relevant to their roles. Better, faster, easier access to data enables better decisions.

Award-winning BI dashboards

KPI reporting enables executives to get an instant snapshot of performance, while exception reporting and automated alerts allows anyone in your business to focus on the important things and simplify the job of making decisions which can drive your business forward.

The advantages of BI software go beyond data visualisation. Dashboards transform data so that it is easily digestible, and it allows organisations to get previously hidden insights by connecting up different sources of data.  Panintelligence dashboards allows businesses to give secure, role-based access to enabled users by providing them with a single source of data within a centralised dashboard which is one view of the truth.

Panintelligence BI / Data Visualisation dashboard demo

Pi Business Intelligence Dashboard for Sage

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