10 Ways To Improve Your Budgeting & Forecasting

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Budgeting and forecasting is crucial for any business and provides a very effective way to plan for, and optimise, the year ahead. Below are 10 tips for improving the way that you handle this essential process. It’s not just about the finance department. Effective budgeting and forecasting should involve key people from right across

6 ways you can check your business data is in compliance with the GDPR

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When the GDPR arrived in 2018 it brought with it a new wave of responsibility for businesses when it comes to data. These new standards mean that even those who aren’t privacy experts are still expected to ensure that processes and outcomes are up to scratch. However, this isn’t a case of following a

What to consider when choosing financial consolidation software

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The process of financial consolidation can drain resources and take time to complete. If this is a workflow that your business is still handling manually then it’s likely that you’re wasting energy and effort that would be better channelled elsewhere. Financial consolidation software provides any enterprise with the opportunity to improve this key process,

How can Corporate Performance Management software assist your company?

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Data has become a big issue – and opportunity – for businesses across all sectors today. Handling, analysing and optimising it is one of the most significant challenges that many enterprises now face. Corporate Performance Management software provides a simple, streamlined solution to the effort and resources that are required to get the most

What insights can business intelligence software give you?

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If 2020 is the year that you want to do more with your enterprise then business intelligence software could help you to create the advantage that you need. These data analytics tools can help to turn your business data into actionable insights into KPIs and create a way to get a better perspective on

10 ways Jedox could help your business plan your finances more effectively

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Financial planning is a crucial element in any successful business strategy. The tools of Jedox can not only help your organisation to simplify existing systems and make them more efficient but also to optimise business processes and minimise planning cycles across the enterprise. If you’re keen to be more effective in enterprise performance management

What features should you look for in reporting software?

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Robust reporting software can be crucial to operations and enable stakeholders at all levels to make sense of progress. It can improve productivity and efficiency and support more effective decision making as well as creating an early warning system, giving your organisation time to react before issues escalate. Key to this is finding software

How your business can utilise Jedox efficiently

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Jedox has released its latest version and there are a range of new benefits that make it easier for any business to access more effective analysis and reporting. The Enterprise Performance Management software is currently widely used by those businesses looking to make corporate performance management a smooth and simple process and has a