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Organisations with multiple legal entities or business units will inevitably reach the point of needing to adopt a financial consolidation solution.

Managing the intercompany activity and producing group accounts becomes just too cumbersome to be managed in spreadsheets

You will require a configurable solution that lets you manage your entities, in terms of adding the entity, declaring the ownership levels and probably mapping. You may need to be able to manage currency rates and ideally have a suite of templated reports as one of your deliverables.

See how Infor d/EPM Consolidation, a configurable application for group Consolidation will manage all inter-company activity and deliver your Group Accounts. The seminar will show how simple it is to

  • Declare entities
  • Declare ownership levels
  • Declare currencies
  • Map individual COA’s / upload TB’s
  • Build in checks and controls
  • IFRS templated reports

The seminar will have a discussion on the Do’s and Don’ts and best practices by Mike Potashnick, Implementation Director at CFMS , and a demonstration by John Robson, d/EPM Evangelist from Infor.

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