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Providing financial insight on a diverse range of services to thousands of patients usually means overseeing countless day-to-day tasks carried out by a relatively small finance team where processes are manual (excel-based) and therefore slow, frustrating and prone to error. 

Our cloud-based NHS planning and analysis solution, designed specifically for NHS Trust finance teams addresses these issues. Discover how to lift the heavy burden from your finance team and help speed up processes and improve transparency across the organisation. 

During the webinar, we’ll discuss and demonstrate:

·         NHS workforce budgeting and Income Planning

·         Full payroll modelling – Agenda for change compatible with a full range of NHS Grades and Spine points. Manage vacant post management with your agency and bank staff

·         Integrated planning for the NHS 

·         ​How to analyse data at a granular level across the Trust ito drives better activity based insights

·         Apply drivers and seasonality trends using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Driven Modelling (DDM) to create NHS income modelling platform

After months of working late to manually enter data and manage different cumbersome spreadsheets, it is time to reclaim some of your ‘me time’

Join us on January19th 10:00am – 10:45am to find out how our solution helped Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust and London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust transform their financial processes saving cost and resources across the NHS system. 

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