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*CPD Accredited*

Join our intensive 2-Day Foundation Power BI course for a comprehensive journey into data analytics. On Day 1, master data connectivity, cleaning, and transformation, progressing from basic to advanced visualizations including KPIs, conditional formatting, relationships, and AI visuals. Learn to bookmark for effective reporting. Day 2 delves into advanced Power Query transformations, custom theme creation, and a deep dive into DAX, covering basics to advanced measures like variance and fiscal year creation. Conclude by exploring Power BI Service features – app creation, data refresh scheduling, and dashboard optimization. Elevate your analytics skills and unleash the power of Power BI.

What you will learn:

Day 1: Connecting to Data and Basic Visualization in Power BI

  • Data Connection: Understand how to connect Power BI to a data source.
  • Intro to Power Query: Learn the basics of Power Query for data cleaning and transformation.
  • Data Modelling: Explore the creation of data models and the importance of relationships.
  • Basic Visuals: Master the creation of basic visualizations in Power BI.
  • Visual Formatting: Demonstrate formatting techniques for visuals, including conditional formatting.
  • Hierarchies: Understand how to use hierarchies and manipulate data with drill-down options.
  • Drill Through and Tooltips: Gain deeper insights into data using drill-through and visual tooltips.
  • Filtering and Slicers: Learn how to filter data and add slicers for audience interaction.
  • Report Layout Design: Design an effective layout for your report.
  • Advanced Visuals: Explore advanced visuals like KPIs, scorecards, and Map visuals.
  • Efficient Reporting: Utilize bookmarks for efficient navigation within reports.
  • AI Visuals: Discover Power BI’s suite of AI visuals to enhance insights.
  • Q&A

Day 2: Intermediate DAX and Power BI Service Features

  • Customizable Themes: Learn to create a customizable theme for consistent report design.
  • Intermediate Power Query: Explore more advanced Power Query transformations and cleaning techniques.
  • Crash Course in DAX: Dive into a new dataset and have a crash course in Data Analysis Expressions (DAX).
  • Measures in DAX: Understand the basics of creating measures, including SUM and COUNT.
  • Calculate Function: Master the calculate function, a crucial aspect of DAX, and its 5 methods.
  • Intermediate DAX: Create advanced calculations, such as a custom fiscal year, Profit YTD, and Variance.
  • Publishing Reports: Learn how to publish and share Power BI reports.
  • Power BI Service Features: Explore features like scheduling data refresh, creating Apps, Dashboards, and assigning roles.
  • Sharing Options: Understand various ways to share reports, including shared workspace, sharing links, and exporting as PDF.
  • Embedding in PowerPoint: Explore how to embed Power BI reports in PowerPoint presentations.
  • If faster than expected (Not guaranteed):
    • Advanced Power Query: Preview advanced Power Query transformations.
    • Advanced DAX and Target Visuals: Explore advanced DAX functions like REMOVEFILTERS and advanced visualizations like target visuals.
  • Q&A

The workshop will be held over two days: October 24th-25th between 9:30am – 4:30pm. The two days are priced at £785 exc VAT. The course will be delivered using Zoom and RDP connections will be required.

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