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Data Management

Data Management2019-03-28T11:38:23+00:00

Combine, enhance and analyse data to get actionable insights

A data warehouse is the foundation for effective and efficient decisions. A structured data environment is essential to quickly deliver critical, decision-making information.

Does your business have:

  • Many disparate data-sources?
  • No clear way to link them together?
  • Difficult data to work with?
  • No trustworthy data?
  • No easy way of getting the correct people in the shortest time possible?

The Control Solution: Turning Data in Information

Optimised for Performance Management, not just Business Intelligence, Control accelerates your analysis and reporting through best practice Data-Warehouse design and implementation. Often you have a “floating target” to aim at, with Control, this is no longer the case as we have a structure that has been developed and refined over 800 implementations that answer the vast majority of a company’s needs. This “best practice” approach means that in days we can achieve what would normally take weeks or months of concerted effort.

Translating Strategy into Performance

Control is built on best of breed technology, the ETL tool, is based on Talend, and then we can use a wide variety of OLAP technologies for Analytical purposes. Then for reporting, we can use practically any reporting tool to display the information.
By using our pre-definition allows projects to focus in on what is truly important. Rather than arguing on what constitutes the thing you are measuring, the numbers are presented to the end users to ratify. This also enables the more difficult aspect of giving them something to work with instead of trying to get them to tell you what they want.
Without doubt, the Control solution revolutionises the way Performance Management is approached, coupled with extraordinary speed, dexterity and agility.

Key Features

  • Fast implementation
  • Industry and application specific templates
  • Pre-built cubes for finance and business verticals
  • Easy access to your BI tools
  • Less reliant on specialist IT skills
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