Closing the gap between financial planning and reporting: Jedox & Power BI

With more and more organisations becoming increasingly data-driven, there is a dire need for creating a streamlined process across your organisation that provides better insights of your business data to make quick and informed decisions. Combining Microsoft Power BI and a modern planning solution like Jedox, enriches spread sheeted data by easily transforming and visualizing it.

Power BI

Power BI offers low code and high productivity application platforms to minimize costs and support rapidly changing needs within the business, allowing you to connect to a vast number of data sources for visualisation and reporting. Progressively, AI capabilities are being introduced to the platforms to support users with better insights and analysis of data presented in an easy to consume manner. These platforms are designed to integrate with existing business data e.g.  CRM or ERP systems and existing business process applications.


Jedox creates integrated planning, budgeting, and forecasting solutions referred to as EPM (Enterprise Performance Management). Jedox makes your planning more collaborative with pre-built configurable apps for integrated business planning, fast intuitive business modelling, consistent data model and harmonized workflows

This combined with a business intelligence platform where you can analyse and visualise data, build dashboards/reports and aggregate data from your CRM or ERP and be able to drill down to single transactional levels allows for long-term strategy development and increased collaboration between business functions.

Combining Jedox with Power BI analytics.

Integrating Jedox into the Power BI interface gives you the ability to do planning, budgeting, and forecasting in Power BI. With integrated database planning, and a predictive AI engine where you can do time series prediction, connect data from any ERP/CRM system, create dashboards in minutes, this gives you a unified solution across board.

The table below shows you how the whole cycle of analysing, planning, and reporting is fulfilled in the integration between these two powerful tools.

Jedox (Enterprise Planning) Power BI (Business Analytics)
Plan, budget and forecast faster Create dashboards in minute
Integrate drive-based planning Interact with data visualisations
Augmented forecasts &simulations Innovative AI with big data analytics
Connect data from any ERP.CRM and other cloud or on-premises resources Native Microsoft & 3rd party integrations


  • Eliminate data silos and inconsistences – one dataset for planning, budgeting, and forecasting and also visualisations and dashboards
  • Keep planning, budgeting, and forecasting data always up to date
  • Reduce manual processes
  • Intuitive analytics and planning in a familiar environment
  • One-stop shop for your enterprise-wide performance management
  • Quickly create visualisations with financial planning and analysis data in 15 minutes instead of hours

For organizations already using Microsoft Power BI for their business analytics, implementing a modern planning solution that offers seamless integration with Microsoft 365 maximizes the value and insights from your existing Power BI investment. To create a holistic view of performance across the organization, utilize the very same data you use for business analytics for unified planning and budgeting to optimize value creation and avoid the dreaded data silos. Organisations need to stay ahead of the competition and by having top tier modelling solutions such as Jedox and Power BI, they are well on their way to doing that.

Integrating Power BI with your EPM is a game changer, providing you with powerful planning and budgeting functionalities directly in Power BI. If you have questions about the possibility of integrating our EPM software solutions with Power BI in your company, we will be happy to advise you. Contact us today for more information.

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