Key Benefits Of CPM

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Corporate performance management (CPM) is a crucial component in effectively handling business intelligence to promote the interests of an organisation. It essentially involves working with data to analyse and manage business performance against key performance indicators with a view to improving results. CPM is traditionally something that falls to the finance department so

Benefits That Jedox Can Provide To Your Business

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Jedox is enterprise performance software that integrates a range of different tools to give your business the power to do more. Planning, analytics and reporting are combined with greater transparency and insight that allows any organisation to streamline and optimise. Given the increasingly competitive environments in which many businesses now operate, and the

Is Your Data Providing You The Correct Information?

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Data is increasingly becoming the touchstone for business strategy. The insights that can be generated by gathering data on customers and performance can shed light on many things, from the popularity of products to the wants and needs of a target audience. However, data is not infallible as a source of information and

ET Browne Ltd choose CFMS & Jedox for their sales forecasting solution

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We are delighted to announce the newest CFMS customer, ET Browne Ltd. E.T. Browne Ltd is the UK trading name of ET Browne Drug Co. Inc. which is one of the longest standing proprietors of skin and hair care products in the United States. The company has been family owned since the middle of the

Do You Know What Financial Consolidation Is?

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The process of financial consolidation is both essential and commonplace in the business world. It’s a necessary way of achieving oversight when it comes to the financial performance of the business, something that is difficult to do without the process of financial consolidation. Although financial consolidation may sound simple – adding up the