Analyse. Simulate. Plan.


All in One Decision-Making Platform

Analyse. Simulate. Plan

BOARD helps organisations reach a single vision of their performance in a simple and extremely effective manner.
Information originating from various sources is integrated into a virtual data repository shared by the entire organisation
thus providing business users with a customised yet unitary vision.

Drag and drop functionality

BOARD offers a comprehensive set of data-aware objects that combine outstanding ease-of-use with advanced functionalities that empower users to easily build not only simple visualisations, but also extremely sophisticated analyses and dashboards.

Select the objects you need for your dashboard or visualization, populate it with drag-and-drop data and measures, configure it, and run your analysis. In the background, BOARD automatically manages synchronization with other objects and the database. BOARD allows you to create in a few seconds a fully interactive dashboard where any single element – from charts to KPIs, from maps to single rows of a table – are all drillable and can immediately be used as selectors for the whole screen.

Faster, easier, safer and more integrated planning is at your fingertips.

BOARD allows you to create compelling visual analyses and analytical applications from raw data in a matter of seconds, without the help of IT.

An innovative user environment that combines self-service data preparation, search based data discovery, personal mash-ups, and drag and drop functionality gives you access to the right information easier, faster and more effectively, without compromising enterprise data governance.

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