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Benefits That Jedox Can Provide To Your Business

Jedox is enterprise performance software that integrates a range of different tools to give your business the power to do more. Planning, analytics and reporting are combined with greater transparency and insight that allows any organisation to streamline and optimise.

Given the increasingly competitive environments in which many businesses now operate, and the importance of well-informed, strategic decision making, it’s no surprise that tools like Jedox are becoming so popular with those who recognise just how much this software has to give.

What does Jedox offer?

Jedox essentially provides a complete perspective across the business via unified Corporate Performance Management, Business Intelligence, and Analytics. It enables access to data, including historic and future, to help increase transparency. This has a number of benefits, including:

  • Being able to identify actionable insights that can be fed back into the business
  • Data analysis that helps to support better planning and forecasting
  • Improving the speed and efficiency of planning processes
  • The ability to plan and report using just a single tool
  • Developing a more focused and appropriate strategy that yields real results
  • Improving efficiency and enhancing overall profitability
  • Access to in-depth reporting and analysis and actual budget comparison

Why is this important?

The benefits that Jedox can deliver to a business aren’t just advantageous but are becoming increasingly essential in order to maintain competitive standing and growth. For example, 30% of mid-sized businesses cite reporting analysis as the number one business analytics capability they are most interested in. Tools such as Jedox are now the norm, as opposed to the exception, which makes them increasingly essential to every organisation.

Investment in this type of tool is rising across the board in the corporate environment. Almost 60% of CFOs identified that one of the areas that requires the most urgent technology investment within the business is facilitating analysis and decision-making. This is something that Jedox is incredibly well placed to do.

Budgeting, planning and forecasting are the top priorities

When it comes to the analytics capabilities that are most sought after by businesses today, budgeting, planning and forecasting are high up on the list. Analytics are being used increasingly widely but not always well or with the right insight and expertise. For example, around a quarter of mid sized businesses want to achieve faster time-to-insight as a result of investing in analytics. Slow access to disorganised data and information that significantly impacts on the ability of business professionals to make accurate and well-informed decisions is often identified as a serious issue.

Systems such as Jedox can significantly improve this situation, which is why it is ranked so highly in terms of Business Application Research Center research into the business benefits of development-oriented planning solutions.

If your business needs to do more when it comes to budgeting, analytics and forecasting – or you’re looking to improve the quality of decision making – Jedox is a solution with a lot to offer.

For more information about Jedox and how it could benefit your business, get in touch with CFM Systems today.

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