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10 ways Jedox could help your business plan your finances more effectively

Financial planning is a crucial element in any successful business strategy. The tools of Jedox can not only help your organisation to simplify existing systems and make them more efficient but also to optimise business processes and minimise planning cycles across the enterprise. If you’re keen to be more effective in enterprise performance management and the use of business intelligence this year there are 10 ways in which Jedox can help.

  1. One single, integrated platform. Jedox enables access to the same data model business logic for the entire organisation. This means that every team can use reliable data, insights and guidance and there is a single platform for everything, from planning and forecasting to self-service budgeting.
  2. Opportunities to customise. The Jedox modelling engine has been designed to enable an individual organisation to tailor this flexible software to individual need to create a customised corporate performance management solution.
  3. Convert your spreadsheets. Although Excel is still incredibly popular there are some clear advantages to converting spreadsheets to Jedox. Among other things this will provide you with seamless data integration and greater security and control.
  4. Meeting best practice standards is easy. Thanks to the Jedox Models pre-built applications your business will have access to best practice applications for teams across the business, from HR to finance.
  5. Choose the right deployment option for you. Jedox is available as architecture for deployment in your own data centre. It can also be accessed as a cloud based software-as-a-Service (SaaS) with both public and private cloud services available.
  6. Improve Financial Planning and Analysis. Jedox has a number of key tools that have been designed to support improved finance and business functions. Jedox AIssisted™ Data Preparation, AIssisted™ Forecasting and AIssisted™ Performance Management use techniques such as automation and smart decision-support to make planning and analysis more effective.
  7. A solution that grows with your business. Jedox is agile when it comes to deployment, allowing for simple, flexible implementation that is quick and easy to manage. It can also be scaled up as your business grows with a multi-dimensional, in-memory database that adapts with the enterprise.
  8. Easy integration. The Jedox Integrator makes it easy to connect up any data source, both on-premise and in the cloud.
  9. Get more from a Qlik system. Jedox also integrates seamlessly with Qlik providing a wide range of opportunities for everyone in your organisation to enjoy advantages with respect to analysing planning data.
  10. Transparent, granular data handling. Whether for compliance or management purposes, Jedox provides tools to ensure data governance even at the most granular level. Access to data can be managed and individual data specified for certain decision making processes.

When it comes to financial planning and broader business management there are a lot of benefits to opting to integrate Jedox into your organisation. From swift deployment to the range of tools designed for financial planning and analysis, Jedox could help your business to do more this year.

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